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We are working collaboratively to grow WordNetworks – an informed, resourced and motivated network of individuals, organisations, institutions and schools that promote the importance of, and work effectively for the improvement of children’s early language and literacy, through their association with our programmes and materials.


Being part of WordNetworks means:

  • receiving quarterly newsletters, updated programme resources and regular updates about literacy related resources and opportunities
  • invitations to attend: training in one of our other programmes, top up training to build capacity within a school or organisation
  • opportunities to participate in refreshers and share ideas with others running our programmes
  • access to Wordworks programme resources at cost
  • learning visits and/or email/telephonic contact with one of our mentors
  • the opportunity to be part of whatsapp groups (with regular updates and tips)
  • access to monitoring and evaluation tools and templates

Members of WordNetworks commit to sharing their learning and thereby contribute to our collective effort to understand how best to create rich language and literacy learning opportunities for young children.