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Parents part of kids’ learning – People’s Post

Kannemeyer Primary School is one of many primary schools across the Western Cape running the Wordworks Home-School Partnerships Programme: “Since we started, parents have shown tremendous interest and there has been a marked increase in the annual systemic tests for maths and literacy at our school.”Collop adds that the programme also plays a part in bringing a family closer ­together. “Evidence also shows that communication between child and parent improves as the parent develops more patience with their children. Parents are introduced to different games that helps counting as well as reading and the best part is that learning takes place by having fun.”

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Lions Club adopts school – Southern Suburbs Tatler

Extract: Ms Israel said Wordworks, an early literacy programme, use the library to assist pupils who have challenges. “We just had an assessment done, and they have improved so much,” a proud Ms Israel said. Mr Lewis said they want to make the school a space where children want to be – hence he is always looking at ways to improve the environment.

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Resource Centre to break learning barriers – Athlone News

Extract: The project partners include Ikamva Ubomi, the Department of Social Development, Sisters 4 Sisters, the City of Cape Town, Wordworks, Goldstar Entertainers and the neighbourhood watch. Ward 49 councillor, Rashid Adams, said the resource centre was ideally placed, which made partnerships with other organisations and institutions easier.

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