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Nolake Mantongomane: Home school partnership graduate

Mrs Mantongomane lives in Capricorn. The family’s home language is isiXhosa. Not only has Thando mastered English as his language of teaching and learning, but he is now also part of the enrichment class for children who are top achievers. This is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when parents get involved in their children’s learning at home!

“I am Nolake Mantongomane. My boy, Thando, is in grade 5 at Capricorn Primary. He was 3 years when I was attending the course (for parents). Thando was at Sunrise crèche.

Before the HSP programme I didn’t pay attention. When he came from school, I didn’t support him. After doing the programme I became more helpful, I learn – I must be more supportive of my child’s education. And I still support him. Thando’s father also changed – same as me, before that he did nothing. He is still involved with Thando. He goes to karate with him and goes to the library. Before bed Thando reads with his father.”

When asked what were the most important things she learnt on the course, Mrs Mantongomane smiled broadly and said: “ninzi …. ninzi” (a lot).