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Westville Primary School celebrates its second HSP graduation

HSPP Westville grad 1

10 parents and caregivers, who are lifelong learners and pillars in their communities, graduated from the HSP programme on 29 July. Of the 10 women, 2 work in an independent ECD Centre, 3 are Wordworks Early Literacy Programme volunteers at the school, 3 are doing their ECD levels and 2 run informal ‘safe houses’ in the afternoons, where children come to do their home work, and listen to stories. These women use methods and resources from the Wordworks training they have received, and the children love coming to them. These safe houses have become more and more vital with the upsurge in gang activity in the area.


HSPP Westville grad 2The three facilitators (pictured), one of whom is a principal, are knowledgeable, dedicated and so skilled. They create a warm, relaxed space where, over a period of 8 weeks, participants can learn about supporting young children’s learning informally at home. It is also space for sharing and strengthening connections with the school. From L-R are Cheryl Baker (principal), Cirenthia Coetzee, and Patricia van Eyssen and Cathy Lincoln, Wordworks mentor.