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Wordworks Celebrates Grade R Teachers on World Teachers’ day

celebrating teachersOn World Teachers’ Day in October, Wordworks paid tribute to the 220 Grade R teachers across the Western Cape who have  gone beyond  their already heavy workload to train as Emergent Literacy lead teachers. In their own time they have attended rigorous training courses, taken on innovative materials and methodologies, and produced wonderful work with their children.   They are leading the way – ensuring literate and imaginative children who will build our society into the future.  For more about the WCED – Wordworks Emergent Literacy project, click  here .

For the rest of the week we continued our tribute to these teachers by posting pictures on our facebook page highlighting the following key areas of emergent literacy. 

Oral language: Teachers lay critical foundations for all future learning by creating daily opportunities for children to listen and speak each day. This is an opportunity to have fun with the children, developing their listening and speaking skills and building their vocabulary through stories, songs and rhymes.

1 Stellar oral language


Reading: Grade R teachers have the privilege of building emergent readers!  As  little Grade Rs “read’ from their picture books,  they are building an understanding that pictures and written words have meaning.   They are developing a love of books that will last a lifetime.

2 Stellar reading

Emergent writing: Grade R teachers lead children on the journey from spoken to written language.  Writing starts when a child expresses herself through drawing, painting, scribbles and symbols.  With increasing understanding of sounds and letters, and encouragement to have-a-go, the child can experience the pride of seeing her words on paper.

3 Stellar writing