I am a Foundation Phase teacher. I was teaching at George Dickerson primary school in 2010 in Grahamstown, when I met Cathy Gush. She introduced me to Wordworks (Ready, Steady Read Write and Home-School Partnerships programmes). I was hooked! The Wordworks’ programmes are informative, interesting and their resources are of a high standard and quality. I always strive to give the best possible education for the learners in my class and I loved incorporating the Wordworks Early Literacy Programme TEACHER KIT into the curriculum. Learners saw it as a real treat when they played the games or used the sequencing story cards!

Their excitement was tangible in the air when we worked with our Wordworks resources and their programmes cater for the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. I even instilled a love for reading in my son by using Wordworks programmes and by reinforcing the sounds or words by playing the educational games or picture cards and post box game. And by presenting the Home-School Partnerships programme to parents, I became a better, more relaxed, more confident and more informative mom.

Fast forward to 2015 and I started working at the Lebone Centre as an Early Childhood Development Co-ordinator and I attended the Every word counts training in Cape Town. I couldn’t wait to start working and sharing the knowledge with the parents. In November 2016 I attended the STELLAR Programme training. I was enlightened and so enthusiastic! I am very passionate about education and I have a ‘hungry brain for learning”!

In August 2017, I received training on the Ready Steady Read Write programme. I could not contain my enthusiasm and excitement when I realized that I received training and have worked with ALL the Wordworks programmes!

I believe all the teachers in South Africa should receive Wordworks training! I cherish all my Wordworks files and I am still enthusiastic and eager to work with, and share the knowledge and experience accumulated over 7 years!