A group of 45 ECD practitioners and home visitors from Worcester attended the first in a series of 10 monthly Every Word Counts workshops on 26 January 2017. Facilitated by Magrieta Lesch and Camelita Christians of the Foundation for Community Work (FCW), the training focuses on supporting the language development of babies and young children, and laying the foundations for reading and writing.

The Department of Social Development in Worcester plays a key role in identifying pre-schools and arranging for their practitioners to participate in the training. While the whole Worcester community is benefitting from this RCL Foods funded project, many of those who attend these pre-schools are children of the almost 1200 RCL Foods employees in the district.

The participants left the training in high spirits and with a lovely pack of materials, ready to try out their new ideas with the children in their care, and with parents and carers they visit. Mariska Moller, RCL Foods Trainer, will be sharing what she is learning at the workshops with workers at the RCL Consumer site in Worcester.

On the same day a workshop was held for 20 principals from the participating pre-schools to discuss how they can support those attending training, as well as to share with them Wordworks’ approach