Make your own learning resources

For parents, caregivers and teachers of babies and young children

Print our ‘Make your own’ booklet with instructions for making inexpensive resources that encourage language development and make learning fun.

Download a black and white version of the booklet here.

Download a full colour version of the booklet here. Note that this is a low res version to make it easier to print at home.








Knitting pattern for Wordworks Little People





Download the knitting pattern here.


Supporting early writing

When children are learning to write, we think it is important that they feel confident to put their ideas on paper without being too worried about being correct! Download these handouts to learn more about ‘invented spelling’ and the process of ‘shared writing’

Supporting early writing and examples of have-a-go writing


Supporting early drawing

When children draw, they learn to put their thoughts on paper. This is an important step towards becoming a writer. Download this handout for ideas on how to support young children’s drawing.

Supporting early drawing and writing

Supporting early drawing

Download info sheet


Ideas for talking with children

Young children learn new language through everyday conversations. Use this handout for ideas on how to enrich your child’s language.

Download info sheet


Storytelling game and word dice

Download this handout to find out about a fun game to help stimulate conversation with children.

Download info sheet


Word dice

Download the word dice (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu)

Download info sheet