Publishing and Production Manager

I came to Wordworks with two decades of experience in educational publishing in South Africa. Amongst others, I’ve worked for Shuter & Shooter Publishers, Cambridge University Press; Juta and Via Afrika Publishers. I’ve also done editing of post-graduate dissertations. I bring my publishing and production skills while making words work efficiently at Wordworks. I feel honoured to be useful to this NGO that is doing such valuable, life-changing work. I enjoy translating complex language into plain English – this fires up my energy. I try to find the author’s voice and express his or her intention in the most efficient way possible. I try to find the best possible way to communicate a concept to a student, and to make it stay and grow with that student. Editing, taking a manuscript back to basics, is where I started and I still take pleasure in it – helping to deliver an author’s message. Project management is the position I’ve found myself in the most. I’ve developed splendid working relationships with most of my suppliers, colleagues and clients. It is helpful when I have insight into the content so that the final publication is the best it can be. I have worked with onerous deadlines and impossible turnaround times. I enjoy commissioning and building relationships with teams of people from authors, to illustrators, to designers, to layout people. I strive towards creative synergy – finding the best possible way to take ideas and communicate them: beautifully, succinctly and effectively.