Four schools and four organisations recently joined Wordworks as Ready Steady Read Write partners and attended the Co-ordinator’s Training Workshop in May 2017.

    1. ACVV Bright Lights is a drop-in centre based in Somerset West that provides basic emotional, physical and social development services to 30 boys between the ages of eight and 18.
    2. Training and Development Foundation operates on a farm in Kuilsriver. The current programme is run after school hours but they wish to start an educational program in the morning with children under the age of 6 who live on the farm.
    3. Izakhono Youth Organisation is a community based organisation in Nyanga, offering a positive lifestyle to young people. They work with parents and young children and believe that through education they can make a difference.
    4. African Legend is a registered non-profit organisation that hopes to improve South Africa’s socio-economic situation by offering educational and skills development programs for children mainly in the Delft and Du Noon communities.
    5. Jamaica Way Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain wanted to start a programme where parents from the community volunteer their time to assist Foundation Phase learners with their reading and writing skills during the school morning.
    6. Kleinberg Primary School in Ocean View is currently running a Shine literacy programme for Grade Twos and wanted to work with Afrikaans children in Grade One to improve their reading and writing skills.
    7.  Yeshua Christian Primary School in Heathfield heard about various Wordworks early literacy programmes and chose to start up the Ready Steady Read Write programme to assist their Grade R and Grade One children with reading and writing skills.
    8.  Intshayelelo Primary School in Nyanga recently ran a very successful Home School Partnership programme with the parents and they now wish to introduce the Ready Steady Read Write programme to assist Grade 2 and 3 children with English literacy.

We welcome them to our network and are very excited about working with them in the future!