The intention of our work with schools and other organisations is not that they become Wordworks’ branches or franchisees, but that they are supported in building our early language and literacy programmes into their broader work (which may include addressing social, health, educational and/or economic challenges).


If you want to use our programmes, there are three steps:

Step 1: Apply

We have an open application process for schools and NGO’s who would like to attend training to use one of our programmes and join our network. If you would like to apply, begin by reading the programme pages of the website. Then please email us at and let us know where you are working and which programme you are interested in learning to use. We will let you know when the next training will take place and will get back to you with more details as soon as these become available. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note that our training is currently mostly available in the Western and Eastern Cape, and to a lesser extent in KZN.  As we would need to translate materials, in order to consider training in other provinces, we would need to know there were a substantial number of people/ schools/ organisations interested in this work.  We encourage you to engage your professional networks about this possibility.

Step 2: Attend training

Our training is donor funded and includes the resources you will need to start a programme in your context. You will be required to commit to running the programme for at least one implementation cycle – we hope much longer! You will receive a Wordworks certificate after your first cycle of implementation.

Step 3: Continue to run programmes

After training and once you begin using Wordworks programmes, your organisation or school will become a member of WordNetworks.  Being part of WordNetworks means:

  • receiving quarterly newsletters, updated programme resources and regular updates about literacy related resources and opportunities
  • invitations to attend training in one of our other programmes, top up training to build capacity within your school or organisation
  • opportunities to participate in refreshers and share ideas with others running our programmes
  • access to Wordworks programme resources at a discount
  • benefitting from learning visits and/or email/telephonic contact with one of our mentors and the opportunity to be part of whatsapp groups (with regular updates and tips)
  • access to monitoring and evaluation tools and templates

Members of WordNetworks commit to sharing their learning and thereby contribute to our collective effort to understand how best to create rich language and literacy learning opportunities for young children.


We run four main programmes, in partnership with preschools, schools, libraries and community organisations: