My introduction to the Ready Steady programme was in 2009. I was honoured to be asked by the teachers at Cornflower Primary to assist with the parent programme. I then volunteered for the Ready Steady co-ordinator training where I felt my head was going to burst with all the information! I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do, how I wanted my setup to be at the school. Wordworks uses amazing techniques and I like the way they treat the volunteers. I also received excellent guidance from my mentor, Sue, who was always there to offer support.

In the first year of doing the Ready Steady Read Write programme, a Wordworks learner got the MOST IMPROVED award which was amazing! I used the Wordworks Game Pack with my daughter when she was 4 years old. She is currently in Grade 1 and her teacher says “she is brilliant, and her reading is excellent”. I advertised tutoring services and volunteered at the Muslim school where I used the Ready Steady programme as well. Teachers invited me to speak about Wordworks at parent meetings.

Doing the Wordworks programme inspired me to do a B ED degree through UNISA. I have almost completed my degree now and even got some distinctions under my belt. In January, the principal of Spineview Primary granted me the opportunity to be a Grade One teacher. He was so impressed when he heard that I was Wordworks trained. I felt so blessed. Up till today my job is my passion and I’m excited every morning to teach something new.

Being trained by Wordworks really laid a solid foundation for me to work with young children. I have more patience and am able to bring the lesson to the child’s level so they understand better. I use Wordworks methods daily in my class. Now for birthday gifts I give story books and I promote the game packs at every chance I get.

Wordworks has given even me a confidence boost. I stand in front of class every day strong and confident. People are asking me for advice now!