A group of dedicated teachers and social workers from schools in the West Coast Education District graduated as facilitators of the Wordworks Home-School Partnerships Programme (HSPP) on Saturday 9th September. Although 30 people from 9 schools qualified, only 20 from 6 schools were able to attend the ceremony at Vredendal North Primary School. Also in attendance were Mr Claasen, the Western Cape Education Department Circuit 5 Team Manager, and Ms Nonnie Cloete, Subject Advisor.

These teachers and social workers attended four Wordworks training workshops before facilitating an 8-week programme with interested parents and caregivers of children at their schools. The focus of the Home-School Partnerships Programme is to show parents and caregivers how they can support their children’s learning at home in an informal and effective way. Sessions with parents were conducted after school hours and over weekends.

So far this year, 785 parents have participated in HSP programmes run at 46 schools across the Peninsula by 189 teacher-facilitators. This is the first time this programme is being run in the West Coast School District.

Wordworks applauds the teachers, social workers, parents and caregivers who together help build strong language foundations for their children in the early years. Read more about the Wordworks HSPP here.