Why use Wordworks’ programmes?

At Wordworks we believe strongly that the crisis in children’s literacy in South Africa requires all those who work with babies and young children to consider how they can make a difference. Our programmes have been developed to support Foundation Phase and Grade R teachers, ECD practitioners, home visitors and parents to build strong language and literacy foundations for the children in their care.

We also partner with schools and districts, ECD centres and forums, NGOs and networks to work collaboratively to extend the reach and impact of this work. The intention of our work with partners is not that they become Wordworks’ branches or franchisees, but that they are supported in building our early language and literacy programmes into their broader work.

Please note that our training is currently mostly available in the Western and Eastern Cape, and to a lesser extent in KZN.  As we would need to translate materials, in order to consider training in other provinces, we would need to know there were a substantial number of people/ schools/ organisations interested in this work.  We encourage you to engage your professional networks about this possibility and to get back to us.


Watch our information sessions here:

Click here for our School Community Programmes Information session.

Click here for our NGO information session. 

If you are interested in training, your school or organisation’s management will need to attend a Wordworks information session.  

To go on a waiting list to attend this session, please complete the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM. If you are not based in the Cape Metro, we will try, where possible, to link you up with partners in your area.Read More

Materials updates: Teacher Guides have been updated since they were first distributed in  2016, now including a wider range of activities for each day to ensure full CAPS coverage. 

First time training: Please get in touch with your HOD and Curriculum Advisor to find out what plans your school and District has for training Read More

Becoming a Stellar Teacher Trainer Read More


If you live in Cape Town and want to train to use the Little Stars programme in your pre-Grade R classroom, please complete the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM.

You can find our Little Stars programme catalogue here.

You can also purchase materials independently. If you would like to order materials, please click here

If you are interested in attending a Training of Trainers course, please complete the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM, stating the course you wish to attend and we will contact you.

You can find our Every Word Counts programme catalogue here.

You may, in the meanwhile,  find the Wordworks App to be a useful resource in this area.  Find out more about our free app here. If you would like to order materials, please click here